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Happy Valentine’s Day 2019



When you join Fantaskey, we work hard to make EVERY DAY a great day for you. Of Course, Valentine’s Day is no different, so we’ll keep this post short & sweet because you might need the extra time today for a sweet occasion.

However, be sure to tell all of your friends and favorite businesses to JOIN Fantaskey ASAP!

Now, be sure to make it an amazing VALENTINE’S DAY 2019! Thanks for spending part of your day with us. 😉

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Happy Thanksgiving 2018!

We Want To Wish YOU A Happy Thanksgiving 2018, From Fantaskey!

Fantaskey Community, we hope you get to spend today doing something you enjoy! Also, remember to give plenty of thanks. After all, isn’t Thanksgiving all about being thankful?

Just like the dessert you probably will eat at some point on Thanksgiving, we want to keep this post sweet, short and to the point (pun intended). We know that you’re probably going to get stuffed today-and that’s just fine.

In the end, no matter how you celebrate, one thing is certain: we want you to have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING 2018! 😀


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Happy Labor Day 2018!

Happy Labor Day 2018!

Fantaskey Community, we hope you make today a great day!

Whether you’re hard at work, or you are off and doing ANYTHING BUT LABOR, we hope you have a chance to do something you enjoy today.

It’s as simple as that-we want you to have a fantastic Labor Day 2018!

OH, and be sure to JOIN FANTASKEY SOON! 🙂

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Homemade Donuts For Father’s Day 2018

Happy Father’s Day 2018: Enjoy These Homemade Donuts

We’re not sure what you are doing for Father’s Day, but you may have donuts somewhere in the plans, especially if your dad has a sweet tooth.

In honor of all of the fathers out there, we figured we would make some homemade donuts for Father’s Day 2018. After all, we still NEED YOU TO TELL US ABOUT THE BEST LOCAL RESTAURANTS EVERYWHERE (& Donuts Shops)! 🙂

Not much more needs to be said…just be sure to wish your dad Happy Father’s Day and also, don’t hesitate to enjoy these donut shots with him (or all alone…we won’t tell 😉 )

Happy Father’s Day 2018!

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World Environment Day 2018

Try To Do Your Part To Help Take Care Of OUR ENVIRONMENT EVERY DAY

But…. especially think about what you can do to help protect our planet-and even make it a better place-on days like today, World Environment Day 2018.

If you love gorgeous outdoor sites and great weather, then take care of our environment so that you can continue to see the things you enjoy and so can generations to come.

Make it a great day! 🙂