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Where Is Roatan?

Where is Roatan?

As you can see from the photographs-Roatan has a lot of character, and it is certainly an island that possesses spectacular ocean views.

Known as one of the premier destinations in the world for Scuba divers, and also a scenic jungle island that’s known as a place where people can have an extremely good time (but you’ll also want some very strong bug spray!), Roatan might not be among the most publicized destinations in the world for travel…but it is one place that you may find yourself wanting to visit at some point for a variety of reasons. Plus-as compared to prices in The United States and Europe-you can get an amazing “bang for your buck” in Roatan.

For those who enjoy dining while they travel, did you know that Roatan has a bustling local restaurant and bar scene?

And…did you know that, even if you aren’t able to own a house in Roatan or stay in one of the many Roatan vacation rentals, Roatan has a lot of popular resorts and hotels, and travelers say that some of the best hotels/resorts in Roatan as of December 2019 are: Puerta Azul, The Grand Roatan Caribbean Resort, Paradise Beach Hotel Roatan,

So, what are the best restaurant in Roatan as of December 2019?

We’ll save that for another post, but we will tell you now that Roatan has many restaurants that are popular with locals and tourists alike, such as: JavaVine Cafe & Wine Bar Β and Hangover Hut (both owned by the same person), The Lotus Restaurant @ Xbalanque Resort, The Beach Club San Simon, La Palapa Beach Bar @ The Infinity Bay Spa & Beach Resort,Β 

So, after reading most of this article, do you know where Roatan is…or are you still wondering, “Where is Roatan?”

Let us tell you where Roatan is- it’s a beautiful Caribbean Island off the coast of Honduras, in the spacious Atlantic Ocean, and Roatan is the largest of the Honduran “Bay Islands.”

Now that you know where Roatan is, stay tuned for more posts about Roatan and-of course-stay tuned for upcoming businesses in Roatan that join Fantaskey.

Now…most importantly, when you visit Roatan, remember to tell the locals that Fantaskey sent you!

(P.S. While none of the businesses mentioned in this article are affiliated with Fantaskey or selling anything on as of the original publishing time, we will update this post if/when this changes. ANY BUSINESS OWNER WHO WANTS TO HAVE THEIR BUSINESS JOIN FANTASKEY CAN CONTACT US ASAP! πŸ˜€ )

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  1. Roatan is amazing! Beautiful island, warm and friendly people and great food! Java Vine Cafe & Wine Bar is so good, you do an awesome job Wyonna! πŸ˜ŽπŸ·πŸ•

    1. Thank you so much for sharing! Roatan sounds like they were lucky to have you visit…& Java Vine & Wyonna should clearly consider joining Fantaskey! πŸ˜€

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