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Where In The World 4

Where In The World 4: Bright Lights!

Hello everyone and thanks for joining us for our 4th installment of our recurring series, “Where In The World!

For today’s edition, lots of you will be able to guess where this picture was taken even if you’ve never personally been to the spot where this was taken. 

Let’s see: Bright Lights, Crowds of People…you probably have a pretty good inkling of where this might be, right?

Well, if anyone thinks they know where this is at, then we would love to hear from them in the comments below.

IF we don’t hear from you, then at least do us a favor and have a great day! 🙂

SO, can you figure out“Where In The World” this picture was taken?





3 thoughts on “Where In The World 4

  1. That’s gotta be VEGAS, BABY! Am I right?

  2. My guess is Vegas too??

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