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Where In The World

Fantaskey Loves to Travel

Do you love to travel?

Fantaskey is infatuated with traveling around the world to discover the finest experiences available so that we can help bring them to you through our Fantaskey Shop!

We try to find the best dining, shopping, attractions, lodging and more in all sorts of fantastic cities around the world, all for you!

In honor of our relentless pursuit to find some of the best of the best around the world, as you can imagine, we see a lot of wonderful places and many beautiful sites. Because of the fact that we see so many great views that we want to share with the world, we decided to start a new series that we will try to do fairly frequently, which we are calling “Where In The World.”

ONLY for this first post, we’ll give you a hint and tell you that this was taken in Vail, Colorado! Other than that, do you think you can guess “Where In The World” this was taken?

Let us know! 🙂

Without further delay, we bring you “Where In The World: #1”


2 thoughts on “Where In The World

  1. Not sure where it was taken, but awesome panorama no matter what! Vail is a lovely place 🙂

    1. Keep thinking and the answer might appear! Thanks for checking this out regardless.

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