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Union Station Denver Shines At Night!

Even UFO’s Like To See Denver’s Iconic Union Station Shine Bright At Night!

Many people agree that Denver’s Union Station is a true landmark of the Mile High City, but this gorgeously renovated building wasn’t always in the pristine condition it is in today. In fact, after train travel became a true “thing of the past,” Union Station sat dilapidated and largely underutilized for a great part of the late 1900’s and early 2000’s.

While a renovation of Union Station had been talked about for many years, nothing materialized formally until some innovative Denver business leaders stepped up to restore Union Station-completing construction in 2014. While there are many people who contributed to Union Station’s amazing renovation, some of the main people responsible for Union Station’s current beauty are Larimer Square’s visionary owner, restaurateur, and entrepreneur, Jeff Hermanson; the outstanding Pat McHenry and Joe Vostrejs of City Street Investors; and legendary Denver developer and preservationist Dana Crawford, whose namesake Crawford Hotel sits inside Union Station.

Now, things have almost come full circle, because Denver’s Union Station has once again become the trendy hub of the city that it once was back in the late 1800’s.

According to Wikipedia, “The majority of the terminal building’s upper levels have now become the 112-room Crawford Hotel, with the 12,000 square foot Great Hall on the ground level serving as the hotel lobby, public space, and train waiting room and 22,000 additional square feet of the ground level serving as 10 independent retail and restaurant outlets.

As an iconic building that first opened in 1881, with extremely intricate architecture, Union Station is the sort of landmark that historical preservationists worldwide wanted to see put to good use…but finding a proper usage for Union Station took some time. However, like they say, some things truly are worth waiting for because-to the delight of many residents and travelers alike- Union Station, and the entire Union Station District of Downtown Denver around it, now shines bright every night!

For almost anyone who lives in Denver, and for most people who have visited Denver in the last few years, Union Station lit up at night is a familiar sight…but it still never gets old.

In your own endeavors, you can use Union Station as inspiration because-just like the team who renovated Union Station-you can accomplish amazing things with persistence and a great plan.

After all, some technologies and buildings on earth are cool enough that some people believe extraterrestrials even want to check them out. 😉 This said, we didn’t notice at first, but some of our readers have quickly pointed out the blue and red lights in the top left of the images from the back side of Union Station and they said they swear it’s an extraterrestrial UFO craft flying over Downtown Denver.

CHECK OUT THE IMAGES BELOW OF DENVER’S UNION STATION…and tell us what you like best! 😀

A Blue Light, described as a “UFO” flying over Downtown Denver, seen from Union Station?

Alien spacecraft checking up on Denver, an illusion, or a military craft of some kind?

Blue Lights over Downtown Denver quickly move across skyline and turn red (Center).

We’re not sure what we see in these pictures, but what do you see?

No matter what, one thing is for sure: it’s pretty amazing to see how bright Denver’s Union Station shines at night now, right? 😀

AND-don’t forget-next time you visit Union Station, tell them Fantaskey sent you and that your favorite businesses need to join us ASAP!

We see you shining! 😉

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  1. Really cool photos! Not sure what those could be?

    1. 😉 It’s up to your imagination.

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