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Earth Day 2019: Fire Ants Building

Fire Ants Building An Anthill In The Rockies On Earth Day 2019!

Every day should be a day to enjoy and respect the earth, but remember to take a moment to be especially thankful for our planet on Earth Day! After all, we only get one…

You don’t have to go for an hours long excursion or even get any outdoors time, per se, as long as you remember that Earth is pretty great and taking care of it is something we all need to work together to do as well as possible.

Agriculture, animals, insects, and so many more things need our help to sustain this beautiful planet for generations to come. So, let’s all be like these fire ants and work together to do what we can to help our planet be the best it can be! 😀

Happy Earth Day 2019, from Fantaskey to you! ???

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