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Boating Puppy: Ears Flying

Random Things Around The World! Super Cute Boating Puppy With His Ears Flying

Fantaskey Community, we are back for another VERY CUTE EDITION of “Random Things Around The World!” Since we know you need something to help you warm up during the frigid Winter of 2019, we figured we could bring you just the thing.

This Travel Tuesday inspiration for those of us who are feeling Winter’s full effects today at work or school (or anywhere but out in the warm sun on a boat, lol 😉 ) will certainly warm your heart.

Like…have you seen anything recently that is cuter than this boating puppy who has his ears flying because he is going so fast? No, of course not!

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3 thoughts on “Boating Puppy: Ears Flying

  1. So cute….looks like he is sure enjoying the sun and fresh air! ?

    1. 😀 No doubt! He sure seems happy, right?

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