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Random Things Around The World

Random Things Around The World: #1-New York City, Real or A Movie?

You know how there are some things that you come across in life that just don’t belong?

Maybe it’s a person riding one of those Antique High Wheeled Bikes, or perhaps you find a dog walking on just their hind legs. Who knows, for all we know, you could even see a car driving itself (oh wait….).

The point is, there are some things that just stand out because they are SO random that you can’t help but to take a minute and check them out.

Well, ladies and gentleman, this is in honor of those peculiar times in life where you see something that is just too random for you to pass by without taking a second glance (and maybe even a photograph).

We are proud to bring you the FIRST Installment of “Random Things Around The World,” which is a fun little project we can all enjoy together.

WE WANT OUR COMMUNITY TO HELP US MAKE THIS A GREAT FEATURE, SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SEND US ANY PHOTOS OR VIDEOS OF RANDOM THINGS YOU COME ACROSS IN YOUR TRAVELS. Just sign up for a FREE account and send us pictures that way, or you can always Contact Us to send the information if you would rather. We’ll get the ball rolling with this first post, but we’re hoping to do this quite frequently, so we would love YOUR help.

Ladies and gentleman, without further delay, we give you, “Random Things Around The World: #1- New York City, Real or A Movie?”

Out on the streets of NYC, you can expect to see just about anything.

However, even for NYC, we couldn’t believe this.

The sight of these antique cars next to a guy with a plastic water bottle in his pocket, a lady wearing a visibility vest, and then all of the modern technology and signs everywhere just made us giggle, but-through the magic of technology-that’s how movies are made, folks!

Sometimes you don’t get an explanation for your random sightings, but in this situation, thankfully we did.

Now you know!

Send us your random sights today so you can show the world.



We made the picture just a little different on Instagram so the vest wasn’t a dead giveaway!

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