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Can Golf Be A Good Workout?

YES, GOLF CAN Be A Good Workout!

(Check out our quick piece below to find out HOW you can easily make a few adjustments to ensure you get a good workout from golf whenever YOU play!)

Hello, Fantaskey Community!

We’re not sure when you’re going to be reading this, but we can guarantee one thing-it’s either Wednesday, Wednesday just passed, or Wednesday is right around the corner. Wednesday used to be nothing special, other than “hump day,” we suppose, so it used to not be that big of a deal in the ancient times (10 years ago, right?). However, in today’s age of “Workout Wednesday,” you probably feel more pressure than ever before to not just workout, but to workout AND let everyone know how hard you worked out.

Because, after all, we all know that many people nowadays live by the “it didn’t happen if you didn’t post it” mantra.

Well, instead, we hope you can: do things you enjoy and you can make the time you do spend being active more….enjoyable! It’s a simple concept, but it can work surprisingly well.

Now, there are some people who think the only way to get a solid “workout” is to engage in high intensity workouts that the average person might not always be very comfortable with. Not to mention the thought that you are forced to lift massive weights if you want to gain any strength, muscle, or even if you want to lose a few lbs yourself. And guess what, these thoughts are both wrong and they’re also right: here’s why. They’re 100% right for the people who personally believe that it’s right for them. But there’s usually not a “one-size-fits-all” workout plan, so it’d be wrong in that sense: we know everyone is at their own level of fitness and there are many fantastic ways to get a good workout.

This brings us to GOLF. We know, you’re probably laughing just at the thought of anyone intimating Golf could somehow be any sort of workout. But don’t laugh, because you’d be surprised at just how fit you can get solely by playing GOLF. If you’re looking for more incentive to hit the links a little bit more, here you go!

Do you want to know HOW GOLF CAN BE A GOOD WORKOUT? Just check out these few quick points below!

1. STOP using a Golf Cart!

The single best way to get a great workout while you play golf is to stop using a Golf Cart and to simply WALK the course for your round while you carry your clubs. Depending on the length of the course you play, you could end up walking several miles each round. Combined with the undulations, changing terrain and hills you’ll traverse, you might be surprised just how exhausting a round of golf can really be when you play it the way it was intended to be played. (AND you might be surprised even more when you start to see some results on the scale or in your waistline).

(Unless you’re physically incapable of walking your round, walking it is the easiest way to increase your energy expenditure and it’s highly recommended for those who want to receive some physical benefits from playing golf).

2. Carry Your Golf Bag!

If you really want to click it up another notch in terms of intensity, then simply be sure you carry your golf bag on your back during your round. This adds a significant amount of weight to the amount your body has to carry around the course; usually in the range of 15-30 lbs, depending on what you have in there.

(Of course, if this is a little bit too intense, then simply obtain a rolling cart you can strap your bag into and roll it along with you while you walk the course. This way, you can still receive all of the benefits of walking the course, but you don’t add the extra weight and associated possible stress to your joints and muscles).

3. Stretch Well-BOTH Before AND After Golfing!

You probably encounter countless people in your life who espouse the benefits of stretching, many of whom are probably friends or acquaintances who practice Yoga. While Yoga certainly seems to have some amazing benefits, you’re not here for us to tell you about that, so we can do that another time.

HOWEVER, just as with the principles of yoga, stretching well-and doing so consistently-can have a plethora of residual health benefits. One thing that seems to be best is to make sure you get a full body stretch, meaning that you need to ensure you Stretch your Arms, Legs, and Back/Torso thoroughly.

The point is: the more you stretch, the better your body will probably feel. Incorporate stretching into your golfing routine and you’re sure to see some welcome improvements both in how you feel and in your golf game.

4. Drink More Water!

Okay, fair enough-this doesn’t necessarily make golf a good workout, per se.

Nonetheless, the benefits of proper hydration are immense. So, guess what? YOU have the opportunity to hydrate frequently and thoroughly whenever you play golf. Be sure you make a point to take a healthy sip of water every 15-30 minutes, at least.

After all, if you’re feeling dehydrated, it’s usually too late and the effects are already setting in. SO, you have to stay ahead of the game when it comes to hydrating; be sure you do so.

(For anyone who is saying they DRINK plenty when they golf…’s just beer. Well……figure that one out for yourself, because we won’t tell you what to do, however adding a bottle of water to the mix is never a bad thing).

5. Get a MENTAL Workout!

Okay, you probably don’t think of the mental side of things when you think of working out. That’s totally fair, and typically that’s how it goes.

However, many arguments could be made that working out is much more about your mentality than many think. After all, isn’t self belief often a key component in letting that weight lifter set a new personal best bench press, or in helping that basketball player hit that clutch free throw they need to hit to win the game? Or, how about those people who can lift extraordinary weights when they don’t know it’s hard BUT, once people tell them that should be impossible, they can’t do it again after they’re told how hard it should be.

We can agree, the power of the mind is can’t be understated.

Especially in a game like Golf, you really hear the mental side of things mentioned much more than you do in most sports. Remember how they used to say that his mental edge, in addition to his superb talent, was one of the things that helped separate Tiger Woods from the competition during his prime. WELL, we’re not saying you’re going to get results like Mr. Woods did just by focusing on your mentality a bit more, but it makes sense that golfing can help you.

Golf really is a mental workout that’s hard to rival. Just some of the things you have to do, typically alone, are:

  1. You have to analyze different factors for every shot-lie, wind direction and speed, distance and pin location just to name a few.
  2. You have to overcome any jitters or fears about hitting your shot and block out any distractions.
  3. You have to have self belief that you can execute whatever shot you’re attempting.
  4. Obviously, between your calculations for every shot and your scorecard (if you’re doing one) you are doing lots of math.
  5. AND the list just goes on and on.


Okay, folks. Well, we could go on for days about this and could start mentioning things like hand-eye-coordination, etc…. but hopefully you have enough information now to help you decipher what’s best for you.

Is it still best to ride a cart during your rounds, OR is golfing going to be your new opportunity to sneakily improve your fitness all while you have FUN?

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy yourself!

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  1. Makes sense! Cool video also 🙂

  2. Definitely true…, I know several people well into their 80’s that have been playing golf for most of their life. They are still playing golf, and can still walk the course (without a cart). That says something about the benefits for sure!

    1. That’s incredible! We love hearing stories like that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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