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Brooks Gave Bob Koepka Best Father’s Day Gift In 2018

Opinion: Brooks Koepka Gave His Dad, Bob, The Best Father’s Day Gift Ever In 2018

If you follow golf at all, or even just keep up with current events, then you usually hear about whoever wins the “Major” Tournaments in any given golf year. All of golf’s Majors are iconic events in their own right. However, particularly for golfers hailing from the USA, the US Open holds its own, special significance given that it is essentially the “national championship” of golf.

To win 1 US Open is a career feat that even most professional golfers dream about their whole lives, never to achieve it. BUT, there are some golfers who have been fortunate enough to win more than 1 US Open, such as Bobby Jones (4), “The Golden Bear,” Jack Nicklaus (4), and Tiger Woods (3). Obviously, that list right there is some of the game’s most iconic players, so suffice it to say that winning multiple US Opens has often been enough to etch your name among the games all time greats.

So, we ask you, does Brooks Koepka’s name come to mind when you think of some of golf’s all time best players? Well, whether it does or not, Mr. Koepka added himself to the exclusive list of multiple time US Open winners with his win at the 2018 US Open. The 2018 US Open was an instant classic tournament from the start, with the struggles and early elimination of some of the game’s top names, to the leader board parody that took place the last 2 rounds, when Dustin Johnson’s lead looked almost insurmountable after the first 2 days. Of course, the most classic part (at least for the Koepka family, certainly) was how Brooks Koepka-the 2017 US Open Winner and defending Champion- eventually found his way to the top of the leader board and he never relinquished his position.

Nonetheless, there was something else special about the 2018 US Open: it concluded ON Father’s Day!

Well, if you know anything about golf then you know that it takes a lot of time, money for equipment, training, travel, etc., and support from your family. Basically, it’s very rare that you’re ever getting to the top echelon of golf (or really any sport) without Mom and Dad right there to support you through every step of the way. That said, it should be the dream for every parent to have their child achieve their own goals, especially if they find something they are talented at-like golf-to really dedicate themselves to. So, Bob Koepka was probably a pretty happy camper already with his son being on the PGA Tour, a US Open Champion, and one of the best golfers in the world. But, can you imagine the elation of seeing your son win a 2nd US Open, back to back no less.

WOW! Bob Koepka probably had a better Father’s Day 2018 than most dads.

Whatever you got your father for Father’s Day this year (or any year), it probably doesn’t quite compare to the US Open Win that Brooks Koepka achieved with his father by his side. But remember, it’s really the thought that counts…right?

Well, all this said, congratulations to the 2018 US Open Winner, Brooks Koepka, and congratulations to Bob Koepka for quite possibly receiving the best Father’s Day gift EVER! 🙂


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