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Roxie’s Tacos Is The 1st Fantaskey Partner Business

BREAKING NEWS: Roxie’s Tacos Is The Very 1st OFFICIAL Fantaskey Partner Business

We are tremendously proud and excited to inform you that Roxie’s Tacos of Boulder, Colorado, has joined forces with Fantaskey as our 1st OFFICIAL Fantaskey Partner Business!

Since we are BRAND NEW, do you know what it means for a business to partner with us?

It means that EXCLUSIVE DEALS from Roxie’s Tacos are NOW AVAILABLE for anyone in the world to PURCHASE on!

CLICK HERE to check out the AMAZING Meal Deals that Roxie’s Tacos and Fantaskey have crafted just FOR YOU.

Have you heard of Roxie’s Tacos before? If you have, you already know that the hype is real.

If you haven’t heard of Roxie’s Tacos yet, it’s your lucky day because you probably just discovered your new favorite restaurant in Boulder! Really, you need to go try this OUTSTANDING independent restaurant ASAP-be sure to use Fantaskey to get an AWESOME DEAL-and thank us later! 😀

So, DON’T WAIT! ACT NOW, because some of the tastiest food and friendliest service around is waiting for you…and it’s waiting for you right at Roxie’s Tacos.

These Nachos Could Be Yours!

Big Portions! Doesn’t this look DELICIOUS?

Roxie’s Tacos is owned and operated by Roshani Patel and Fletcher Starkey. Here is a little more information about Roxie’s Tacos, directly from the owners: “Roxie’s Tacos is the harmonious dance of Latin and Indian flavors, rolled up in a soft handmade tortilla. It’s the perfect contrast of warm, exotically spiced curry cooled by the zesty crunch of citrus slaw, and topped with your choice of our handcrafted chutneys and signature green chile sriracha. We serve hearty portions of approachable yet exotic flavors made with healthy, organic ingredients; we are vegetarian and vegan friendly and offer many gluten free options. Of utmost importance to us is speed of service, and value – our delicious handcrafted Indian curry tacos are served at fast-food speed, and for fast-food prices, while delivering a handcrafted taste sensation to each customer.”

So, don’t just read about it! You need to try Roxie’s Tacos for yourself! All of these NEW DEALS are available FOR SALE NOW exclusively on!

Go VISIT our FANTASTIC NEW Partners at Roxie’s Tacos ASAP, and be sure to let them know you’re there to redeem a “Fantaskey” deal! 

Enjoy! 😀

7 thoughts on “Roxie’s Tacos Is The 1st Fantaskey Partner Business

  1. How exciting Fantaskey! Their food looks delicious! I am going to have to make a trip to Boulder and try it.

  2. Hi Fantaskey, just thought I would tell you I made a trip to Boulder to try Roxie’s Tacos. It was soooo good….. great pick!!! I absolutely love that you just make your purchase on your site then go to the restaurant and get your order, so simple and well worth it! I definitely recommend everyone join Fantaskey so they can also take advantage of these great deals and many more to come. Thanks for making it so easy. Looking forward to many more exciting things you will have to offer, thanks Fantaskey! ?

    1. Thank you so much for using Fantaskey! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed your experience, and we’re glad you got to try Roxie’s Tacos for the 1st time using a Fantaskey Deal as well. Thank you for your support. We’re looking forward to bringing you many more great things going forward! 🙂

  3. I had never tried Roxie’s Tacos but I just had to buy one of these Fantaskey deals for there as soon as I saw that they were for sale. I was more than pleased with the whole experience (& I am very hard to please at restaurants lol)! Fantaskey made it all so easy and worth every penny spent! The food was all fresh and very delicious; not to mention what great prices through the Fantaskey deals! I know the next time I will be up in Boulder I will certainly be buying another Fantaskey deal for Roxie’s Tacos! Thanks Fantaskey, I can’t wait to see what other exciting deals you guys will bring in time!

    1. We’re very glad to hear that you decided to try Roxie’s Tacos for the 1st time because of Fantaskey. It’s great that you were pleased and felt we helped provide a great deal & experience. Thank YOU for using Fantaskey! We’re glad you’ll be watching for what updates we have coming next. 🙂

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