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Shake Shack Double Shack Burger With Bacon

The Double Shack Burger-With Bacon-From Shake Shack Is…A Mouthful!

Fantaskey Community, sometimes you feel like you just need to indulge in something decadent like a bacon cheeseburger… right?

Well, what restaurant do you visit when you want to eat a tasty burger? WE WANT TO KNOW, especially if your favorite restaurant is a local/independent place ANYWHERE in the world, because you know we like to “eat local” and we’re actively looking for high quality businesses to join us as Fantaskey Partner Businesses.

However, as far as chains go, Shake Shack is a popular option for many people these days. This restaurant phenom that was started in New York City by restaurateur Danny Meyer has spread all over the place, so chances are you may have already had a chance to try Shake Shack for yourself.

Regardless, check out the Double Shack Burger w/ Bacon from Shake Shack that we have pictured here and use this to satisfy your cravings until you’re able to go grab a tasty burger from your favorite place.

Now, most importantly, JOIN FANTASKEY! 😀

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