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Salsa From Roxie’s Tacos: Boulder, Colorado!

Spice Things Up With Some Salsa From Roxie’s Tacos!

Fantaskey Community, you already know that our 1st OFFICIAL FANTASKEY PARTNER BUSINESS is Roxie’s Tacos in Boulder, Colorado! However, have you tried Roxie’s Tacos yet?

If you are hungry and you’re anywhere near Boulder, Colorado, then be sure you purchase a Fantaskey Meal Deal from our SHOP ASAP so you can go try Roxie’s Tacos for yourself. After all, 2 of our EXCLUSIVE deals come WITH Chips & Salsa as part of the package-and you know you want this salsa!

Now, you know what to do! Grab a Fantaskey Meal Deal and go try Roxie’s Tacos-and their awesome salsa-for yourself! 😀



3 thoughts on “Salsa From Roxie’s Tacos: Boulder, Colorado!

  1. I’ve tried it, there salsa is amazing as well as their tacos!! Definitely a good one to try.

    1. That is great to hear! We’re glad to hear you enjoyed your experience @roxiestacos!

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