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Easy Guacamole Recipe On Avocado Day

Here is a FREE & EASY Guacamole Recipe

(In Honor of National Avocado Day, 2018)!

Alright, Fantaskey Community. You already know that July 31st, 2018, is significant because it’s the last day of July if it’s not significant for any other reason.

However, if you happen to have a thing for Avocados, then you probably should be aware that July 31st is National Avocado Day! (Let’s be real, billions of people love avocados nowadays…so you probably might like them also and you probably need to know about this Food Holiday).

Of course, you can technically have a guacamole that is straight avocados, so we won’t tell you this is THE simplest recipe out there…but it’s pretty simple. And, we hope you’re using this recipe year round and not just on National Avocado Day, so don’t forget to hang on to this (or just keep coming back to our site when you need it 😉 ).

So, without further delay, see below for a very EASY, FREE Recipe for some Tasty Guacamole! Use this recipe the next time you have to bring a dish to any occasion and you’ll have your friends saying, “WOW!”



1-2 Ripe Avocados (just depending on the amount you want to make)

1 Ripe Tomato (the choice is yours, but Roma is often a decent choice)

1 Lime

Garlic Salt




(OPTIONAL: Mortar & Pestle)

Otherwise, a FORK and ANY Sturdy BOWL will suffice


After your produce is washed….

  1. Peel & Pit your Avocado
  2. Place Avocado in Bowl & Smash to Desired Consistency with FORK
  3. Slice Desired Amount of Tomato and GENTLY Stir Into Avocado (adjust with more or less tomato, or NONE at all, depending on your preferences)
  4. Slice Lime Into Quarters and Squeeze 1/4 of the Lime Into Guacamole, if desired (for taste and to slow down the browning effect)
  5. Add Garlic Salt, Pepper and Salt to taste (if desired)
  6. Give one last, GENTLE Stir to combine everything thoroughyl



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