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Recipe For An Easy, Gourmet Wedge Salad

Recipe For An Easy, Gourmet Wedge Salad

If you’re already a great cook, then you know how it feels to serve some of your carefully prepared culinary creations to your adoring guests (whether at home or in your restaurant).

For the rest of us, cooking is just one of THOSE things. You probably don’t despise it, but you probably don’t love it either. Usually, if you like to eat amazingly prepared food from real chefs who know what they’re doing, you have to eat out at restaurants most of the time so that you can sample life’s culinary pleasures to the fullest extent-as you SHOULD be able to!

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But, anyway, don’t you have those times in life where you want to look like a gourmet chef, when you know that’s not quite the reality?

Well, this recipe not only can make you look like a true culinarian, but it is SO EASY to prepare and takes so little time in terms of preparation that we guarantee ANYONE can make this! The longest parts of the process are the cooking of your bacon and waiting for your salads to get cold (unless you like warm Salad?).

Perhaps the best part about the whole thing is that you can make this whole gorgeous MEAL be very flexible to your budget. We say meal because you can definitely make it be one if you want to, or you can just make it a nice starter to a multiple course meal. If you’re aiming to make this for only a few bucks, you certainly can if you grab the more economically priced ingredients OR if you’re wanting to recreate that true gourmet quality @ home, like you’d get in a restaurant (or better than some), then spring for the higher end cheeses, meats and the best veggies, peppers and oils you can get your hands on.

Give this recipe a try yourself and we guarantee you will be able to make it taste amazing and look great also!

Without further Delay!

Recipe of The Day: Easy, Gourmet Wedge Salad

Note: You have options on when you cook your Bacon here, so we will NOT be including how to do that in the instructions (we’re pretty sure you’re already familiar with how to cook and drain bacon)! 🙂 However, add your Bacon to each Salad BEFORE you place them in the fridge to cool IF you want your bacon cold as well. If you would prefer to serve each Salad with the Bacon still warm (which is how we prefer it) then you will want to wait to start cooking your bacon until AFTER you have let each Salad chill for approximately 10 minutes.


  • 1 Head of Iceberg Lettuce (Serves up to 4, or make it serve 2 and turn it into a whole meal)
  • 15-20 Cherry or Grape Tomatoes (you’ll split it between the 4 salads, so you can certainly adjust and add more or less depending on how much you and your guests enjoy tomatoes)
  • Blue Cheese Dressing (you could get real ambitious and make your own dressing, but that’s a whole different recipe altogether)
  • Blue Cheese Crumbles
  • Bacon (adjust the amount according to how much you like, but we’d recommend at least 4-6 pieces….but we like Bacon, A LOT!)
  • Salt & Pepper (preferably freshly cracked if you have it readily available, but anything is just fine) 🙂
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil and/or Balsamic Vinegar (Optional)


  • Any Sharp Knife will be fine (don’t worry about the myth that you need to use a plastic knife to cut lettuce to prevent it from browning; it’s technically true that it will turn brown where it was cut after a long time, but you’re going to be eating these shortly after you make any cuts, so you will be just fine)
  • Cutting Board
  • Serving Plates


  • First, wash your Lettuce and Tomatoes thoroughly
  • Cut the Lettuce into even WEDGES (hence WEDGE SALAD) and discard the core
  • Slice Tomatoes into either 1/2 or 1/4 size pieces IF you want them cut (up to you)
  • Place each Lettuce Wedge on its Serving Plate so that you can easily build each Salad individually
  • Pour your desired amount of Blue Cheese onto each Wedge (this will help bind everything else to the Wedge better)
  • Place Tomatoes onto ea. Wedge (they’ll overflow like ours if you do enough, but that’s the point!)
  • Place generous amounts of Blue Cheese Crumbles on top
  • NOW HERE is where you either will have your bacon already cooked and you add it on top as well, OR you will just put everything in your fridge now to chill for about 10 minutes before you start cooking your bacon. You need the Salad to get nice and cold before you can put the bacon on there, so feel free to wait a few more minutes if you feel inclined to do so. 
  • IF you are serving your bacon warm, NOW is the time to get started to put it on….after your salads are good and cold
  • Sprinkle just a tiny pinch of Salt (if you like) and Crack Fresh Black Pepper on Top
  • NOW, bacon on top if not already there
  • Here is where you can add a drizzle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil if you want a little more richness and decadence added to the dish, and/or you can add Balsamic Vinegar if you want to create a complexity and give a bit of that vinegary bite.
  • AND………..

Sit back in amazement at what you just created, all with little to no effort and for a price that fits your budget!

Even if your friends watch you make this one, they might still just not believe that you did it all by yourself!


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  2. That is one of my favorite salads!!

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