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Perfectly Cooked Snow Crab

Perfectly Cooked Snow Crab Here! Anyone Want Some Perfectly Cooked Snow Crab?

You’re not alone if you’re like a lot of us out there and you have an ongoing love hate relationship with crab. You love to eat it, but you hate to cook it! (And we won’t get into any of the issues with the shells today; that’s for another time, but trust us-they’re dangerous!)

However, the indulgent feeling of eating some amazing crab with a dip of butter is just about second to none, so most of us do make the sacrifices we need to. ūüėČ

But, the biggest issue you probably have with crab is that you can’t cook it at home like they do in the restaurants. Don’t you hate when you have trouble cooking Snow Crab just right? Well, that’s just one fantastic reason why it’s better to go and get crab done properly from a great Fantaskey Partner Restaurant in whatever city you’re in.¬†

BUT, let’s say you do want to cook some Snow Crab at home.

How do you know when Snow Crab is properly cooked? 

Snow Crab is properly cooked when you can crack the shell and pull nice, meaty, decadent pieces of crab out every single time!

So, are you wondering how to cook Snow Crab? 

  • There are tons of ways to cook Snow Crab truly, but THE EASIEST WAY is to just simply Steam your Snow Crab Clusters in a nice large Pot for 3-5 minutes or JUST until you start to smell Crab (fill the pot w/ just enough water to create some steam).
  • If you follow this rule, you can have perfectly cooked Snow Crab

HERE is what Perfectly Cooked Snow Crab Looks Like!

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