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Perfectly Cooked: Butter Knife USDA Prime Filet

You love a great Steak, right?


Of course you do!

BUT, no matter how much you LOVE your beef,

you probably don’t get to have a Steak for every meal.

To satisfy your carnivorous cravings until your next Steak, check out this video below that we just posted of a perfectly cooked USDA Prime Filet.

You KNOW it’s good when you can cut it with a Butter Knife, hence “Butter Knife Filet!”

3 thoughts on “Perfectly Cooked: Butter Knife USDA Prime Filet

  1. And yes, it was DELICIOUS!

  2. OMG! Craving steak now, SOOOOOO bad. LOL

  3. Perfectly cooked, yum!!!

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