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National Eat What You Want Day

In Honor of National Eat What You Want Day….

In honor of National “Eat What You Want” Day, we figured that who better than US to make sure we put a spotlight on some things that we KNOW YOU WANT to eat! (Or at least we do) 🙂

We have already posted some things that we know you want to eat, like the Bacon Video and Steak Video which have both been some favorites so far, so be sure to go back and check out what we have put up so far to make sure you don’t miss fulfilling any food fix we can help you with. Don’t worry, though, we know you’re here for some new stuff!

When you sit back and you think about food, you probably have a plethora of thoughts that rush through your mind. Some of your food thoughts are maybe of nostalgia about whatever meal and how it makes you feel a certain way or remember a certain event you had while eating that same dish before. Some of your food thoughts are maybe of bad experiences as well (we hope not too many, of course), but then again the bad experiences help you remember even that much more just exactly what you DO want to eat, right? And of course, we hope that many and most of your food experiences have been AMAZING; and they don’t all have to be @ a 3 Michelin Star Restaurant to be amazing, and in fact, many of the best meals are cooked at home, because it’s the love that is put into a dish that oftentimes makes it special more than it is the place it’s prepared in.

Our point is this: maybe some of the things you crave today on National Eat What You Want Day are prepared at top-tier restaurants, and that’s great, but maybe some of the things you’re craving today are from your Mom’s kitchen or your own, and that’s just fine also!

Whatever you crave on today’s most unlimited of Food Holidays, be sure that you enjoy yourself to the fullest extent!

Now, without further delay, enjoy your National “Eat What You Want” Day to the fullest extent and be sure to check out this Flashback of a Dessert we had @ Jean Georges Restaurant in NYC (and you talk about doing it right-wow. They aren’t a Fantaskey Partner Business right now, but we would be honored to have them join us one day soon).

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  1. Not even fair how good that looks!

  2. Looks beautiful and very decadent!!

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