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Luke’s Lobster Trio: New York City

Luke’s Lobster Sandwich Roll Trio

The Trio from Luke’s Lobster is probably the best capitulation available of what people really want when we think of a seafood sandwich. They let the seafood shine, which is what you should do when you have a high quality product. Certainly, Luke’s Lobster has to have some of the best seafood sandwiches (and more) around for any “chain,” or for a quick, fast casual restaurant.

However, if you know anything about Luke’s Lobster, you know that they have a passion for sourcing sustainable seafood…you know their #knowyourseafood slogan, right? Great food, along with a steadily growing following has seen Luke’s grown to include multiple locations in several states and counting. However, the Luke’s we usually visit is located in New York City, but they’re offering up the same quality at all of their locations.

Remember, we love food from LOCAL places everywhere, so tell us about your local favorites.

Now, in the meantime, enjoy the Trio from Luke’s Lobster! 🙂

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  1. ? Yum! Makes me want to go to NYC just to grab those!

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