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Los Chingones Denver Tacos

Tacos From Los Chingones In Denver, Colorado

Fantaskey Community, you know how there are some of those great days that you just can’t wait for them to roll around? Well, besides the weekend, there is one day that it seems many people just can’t wait for. You know what that day is, right? It’s TACO TUESDAY!

Well, when it comes to celebrating Taco Tuesday in Denver, Colorado, there are tons of places you can choose to indulge.

So, choosing a place can be tough… But, locals say that you might want to stop by a local chain known as Los Chingones, operated by Chef Troy Guard’s TAG Restaurant Group.

As you can see below, Los Chingones serves up a variety tacos-this is only a portion of what they offer.

Anyway, we’re going to keep this short and sweet because we want the food to do the talking.

Now, Fantaskey Community, you know what to do! 1) Tell TAG Restaurant Group/Chef Troy Guard and Los Chingones they should join Fantaskey and 2) Tell us about YOUR favorite Mexican Restaurants, and tell them to join us on our mission to help you “EAT LOCAL, SHOP LOCAL, & SUPPORT ONLY THE BEST LOCAL BUSINESSES!”

Until you can get yourself a taco, let our shots of these Tacos from Los Chingones in Denver, Colorado, get you through the cravings! 🙂

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