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French Toast With Maple Syrup

French Toast With Powdered Sugar, Fruit, And Maple Syrup!

French Toast seems to be one of those rare foods that most people can agree is pretty tasty. Even for those who don’t traditionally like breakfast food, French Toast often will be an exception.

Perhaps it’s the sweetness of the syrup combined perfectly with the cinnamon and vanilla notes of the french toast, or perhaps you like to go a bit wild and add some extras to your french toast-things like powdered sugar, fruit(s), bacon, etc.

Well folks, if you belong to the group that likes to add a bit of personality to their french toast, then you will LOVE this creation below. This sinfully tasty blend of French Toast with blueberries, peaches, kiwis, powdered sugar and bacon, plus a healthy drizzle of maple syrup, almost looks too good to eat…almost.

As you can see, sometimes chefs can make a very simple dish look quite complex just by plating in a creative way. SO, take a note out of our book and get a bit creative the next time you cook. You never know what you’ll be able to come up with, but we want to see it when you get it done!

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