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Chicken Wings From Ace Eat Serve

Wing Wednesday: “Tiger Wings” From Ace Eat Serve in Denver, Colorado!

Debates rage constantly over what restaurant serves “The BEST Chicken Wings,” so we won’t even attempt to enter those dangerous waters right now.

However, we will tell you that wing lovers far and wide will probably enjoy the delectably crispy “Tiger Wings” from Ace Eat Serve, located in Denver, Colorado.

We know what you’re thinking…and no, the “Tiger Wings” obviously are not made from actual tiger whatsoever; they’re chicken wings coated in Ace Eat Serve’s proprietary, sweet & salty “tiger sauce.” And guess what? You might find Ace Eat Serve’s “tiger wings” to be pretty tasty, especially if they’re really hot and crispy.

Created by legendary Denver restaurateur Josh Wolkon’s Secret Sauce Restaurant Group-the team behind other Mile High City favorites, Steuben’s and Vesta-Ace Eat Serve is a unique place that all sorts of different people might feel comfortable in because it’s an extremely interesting hybrid of modern Asian-American eatery, bar, ping-pong hall, and event space, all rolled into one. 

Suffice it to say, you probably haven’t been to many places like Ace Eat Serve…and you certainly haven’t been to many singular places with Ace Eat Serve’s combination of amenities and food quality.

According to their website, Ace Eat Serve is open from 4pm-11pm on weeknights, so you’ll have to dream about these tiger wings all “Wing Wednesday,” until you can snag them for dinner time.

While we’re not currently affiliated with Ace Eat Serve in any capacity, that could change any time because we’re adding new businesses as Fantaskey Partners all the time! 😉

Now, last but certainly not least…Remember, most importantly, when you do visit Ace Eat Serve, tell their team that Fantaskey sent you and that they need to JOIN Fantaskey ASAP if they want to be even more innovative. 😀

Stay hungry!

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  1. These wings are the bomb!
    You have to try them.

    1. Sounds like a plan! 😀 & ACE EAT SERVE should join Fantaskey also!

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