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Chicken Breast With Fruit Sauces

Chicken Breast On Rice With 3 Fruit Sauces

Eating relatively healthy can be fun and can include a wide variety of food, right? WHY NOT?

Sometimes, eating “healthy” can seem so bland and boring in many people’s eyes, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Things like sauces, plating techniques, and fruits and vegetables playing off of other ingredients (meats included or not) can all help you make your food more fun and more visually appealing.

After all, they do say that you “eat with your eyes first.” So, remember it IS okay to play with your food sometimes if you want to make it pretty…just like the restaurant chefs do.

For your culinary inspiration, we present you a dish that you could attempt to replicate at home: Perfectly Seasoned Chicken Breast with Fruit Sauces of varying textures (Lemon is Yellow, Red is Strawberry, and on top of the breast is a secret 😉 ) on a bed of rice, all accented with some green beans cut to different sizes.

This dish is relatively simple, but yet incredibly complex…and super tasty, not to mention extremely hearty and fulfilling. If you don’t have the time/ingredients or skills needed to make homemade sauces like a saucier/chef, then simply use the things you like and you can always resort to bottled sauces or jams if you are looking to add some extra flare to your plates.


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  1. That looks so delicious and what a beautiful presentation!

    1. 😀 Thank you! We’re glad you like it!

    2. I agree! Looks delicious! ? ?

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