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Cherry Cricket Denver Bacon Cheeseburger

How about a Bacon Cheeseburger from Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado?

Hey there, Fantaskey Community! As you know, we’ve featured the longtime local Denver favorite-Cherry Cricket-on our site previously. We’re back again, but this time were back for the main attraction: their BURGERS.

You can create just about any combination of burgers you want at Cherry Cricket, so below is just one of many choices. But, hey, this bacon cheeseburger from Cherry Cricket in Denver, Colorado, can be what helps you get through your cravings until the next time you get to indulge in a tasty burger!

(As usual, BE SURE TO TELL CHERRY CRICKET TO JOIN FANTASKEY!) And… Whether it’s “Wednesday Wisdom,” or you read this on any other day, tell us WHERE IS YOUR FAVORITE BURGER PLACE? TELL YOUR FAVORITE local restaurants that they need to join Fantaskey also! 🙂 Let’s help the world “Eat Local, Shop Local, and Support Only The BEST Local Businesses”


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  1. Yummm?Thanks for sharing Fantaskey!! Cannot wait to see the amazing things Fantaskey is going to bring this world! #WatchOutWorld

    1. We’re glad to bring it to you! And well said. Thank you!

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