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10 Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits


You know what a Kiwi Fruit looks like, right? We are confident you definitely know what they look like, even if you’re drawing a blank at the moment. Kiwi Fruit are those small, round and fuzzy brown fruits that-once you peel away the outside skin-have the sweet, yet bitter, and very distinct green flesh with those microscopic black seeds (which ARE edible).

The brown skin is technically edible as well. However, for various reasons, many people opt to discard that portion.

Kiwi Fruits are not only beautiful (especially once you get underneath the brown peel), but they’re also a healthy food choice that many people believe you should regularly incorporate into your diet. In fact, Kiwi Fruit is certainly one of those foods that folks often say you can throw into the “SuperFood” Category. This is why it is hard to boil the benefits of something like a Kiwi down into “10 Kiwi Fruit Health Benefits,” but it has to be done sometimes.

For whatever reason, it seems these nutritiously dense beauties just don’t seem to get as much notice as they should-certainly in the USA, at least.

We could go on forever about the nutritional content and nutritional information for Kiwis and we could dissect every potential health benefit meticulously. We might do that another time…. BUT, for right now, we know you just want some quick highlights.

If you’re reading this piece, we hope you enjoy what we’ve put together. 

Without further delay, please see below for a quick breakdown of some of the Amazing, Potential Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit.

1. Kiwi has virtually NO Fat

That’s right! It is true that Kiwi Fruit has virtually no fat. Since Kiwi Fruit’s fat content is incredibly low, you can snack on these beauties essentially guilt free.

2. Just 1 Kiwi Fruit contains MORE THAN 100% of Your Daily Vitamin C Requirement.

We could definitely do a separate piece on Vitamin C, and we might if you want us to (let us know), but just know right now that Vitamin C is good for a host of things. It’s known to have antioxidant properties, it’s important in helping regulate and strengthen your immune system, it helps your body to repair and regenerate tissues, and it does so much more.

While the average Kiwi Fruit is somewhere around 42 Calories, they can also contain an impressive amount of Vitamin C (more than 100% of the average person’s daily requirement, in fact). For reference, your average Orange will only supply around 85-90% of your daily Vitamin C Requirement; if you go off of this, then you could deduce that Kiwis contain more Vitamin C than Oranges.

3. Kiwi Fruit has ZERO Cholesterol

If you’re searching for a tasty food that has low or NO cholesterol, then you should really consider Kiwis. If you like the taste of Kiwis and you’re able to get them regularly, these could become a go-to when you’re searching for something sans cholesterol.

4. Kiwi Fruit is a Low Calorie Food

At approximately 42 Calories for the average Kiwi, replacing a few sweets and other treats here and there with some Kiwi could be something you might start to enjoy-and your body might thank you, too.

5. Kiwi Fruit might help w/ Blood Clotting &….

6. Kiwi might also help with Heart Health &….

7. Kiwi might also help w/ Bone Health BECAUSE of its HIGH Vitamin K Content

Just one tiny Kiwi Fruit contains almost 40% (38% on average) of the average person’s Vitamin K intake. As points 5, 6 and 7 indicate above, Vitamin K is linked to several bodily functions AND Kiwi does happen to be a deceivingly good source of Vitamin K. With a solid combo of Vitamin

7. Kiwi is a good source of Fiber & might help w/ Digestion. 

With over 2.1 grams of Fiber per Kiwi Fruit, each of these little babies contains roughly 8% of your recommended daily Fiber intake. That’s no joke, considering you’d have to eat roughly 50 kiwi to get up to your 2,000+ calorie daily requirement (which would put you at well over 400% of your daily fiber needs IF you did this). So, based on this, you might consider eating a Kiwi or 2 if you need some help with being “regular,” if you know what we’re saying.

8. Kiwi Fruit Are Low FODMAP

For anyone who has to abide by the Low FODMAP Diet (many of those with IBS), we’re here for you and rejoice now, because this is an option most of you can enjoy with regularity. As long as you don’t have any allergies to Kiwi, go ahead and add these babies to your diet and you should be able to enjoy them without any of the consequences you pay when eating so many other fruits. Plus, we don’t have any definitive evidence, but some people believe that Kiwi may actually help treat some digestive issues…so investigate if you’re so inclined and see what you think.

9. Kiwi Fruit might help you with Sleep Issues

Kiwi Fruit is relatively high in Serotonin and several other vitamins/nutrients that can help you with improving sleep quality. So, you never know, maybe adding a few Kiwi into your diet might help you get that great shuteye you’ve been longing for.

10. Kiwi Fruit has fair amounts of many other Vitamins & Nutrients, including Vitamin E, Lutein, Vitamin A, Magnesium, Potassium, Folate & more! 

Kiwi is reputed to help with Vision, Respiratory Health, Cardiovascular Health and many other bodily functions, in addition to the things we already mentioned. Like we said, we won’t go too in depth today, but we sure will do so another time if you desire.

Just rest assured that, next time someone tells you that Kiwi Fruit might be a “Super Food,” you can probably let them know you agree (plus you might be able to teach them a thing or 2).

Let us know your thoughts by dropping us a line in the Comments below! 🙂

We’re not endorsing Kiwi Fruit in any way and you should always consult medical professionals/nutritional experts if you have true dietary questions and/or do your own research.

Nonetheless, we hope this article helps you with your quest to eat healthy and to “Live Your Best Life.”

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