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7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Plastic Straws

7 Reasons Why You Should Not Use Plastic (or ANY) Straws

Some estimates have put the number of straws used, JUST IN THE USA ALONE, at MORE THAN 500 MILLION PER DAY! While we don’t know if that’s an accurate number, it’s certainly safe to say that we in The USA love our straws (as does the rest of the world).

Recently, those of us who follow the restaurant world have been hearing more and more people petitioning for plastic straws to be banned. Many of these same advocates of banning plastic straws are also proponents of transitioning to paper straws. (It seems like a decent cause, as long as you’re doing it for the environment and not because you’re a paper straw executive trying to sell more paper straws…lol).

We’re not here to tell you that paper straws are better than plastic straws, because we aren’t sure that’s the case.

However, we have looked into the matter and we have found a few reasons why you may want to not use any straws-plastic or paper-unless you absolutely have to do so.



That’s right! Whenever you drink ANYTHING with a straw you inhale a bunch of excess air into your stomach that you simply wouldn’t take in if you just drank out of the glass without a straw. This excess air has to be expelled in the form of gas, and you certainly don’t need us to explain how that happens…

2. (Plastic) Straws Are Horrible For The Environment

Like all plastic, Plastic Straws will stay in the environment for an estimated 2,000 YEARS! Also, it’s a fact that a gigantic amount of our waste-including plastic-somehow makes its way into our Oceans to pollute the environment. So, less plastic straws and maybe less plastic would not be bad, right? Plus, we won’t even go into how bad the production of plastic is for the environment.

3. (Paper) Straws Are ALSO Horrible For The Environment

We have to consume more paper if we want to keep using the same number of straws, but some plans call for us to just turn the straws from plastic to paper. SO, it’s logical to conclude that, even if some of the straws come from recycled sources, Paper Straws are not great for the environment either. Why? Well Making Paper=Cutting Down Trees, right? AND we would need a LOT more paper if we were going to create BILLIONS more paper straws every year.

4. Plastic Straws Are Bad For Aquatic Life

You probably learned very young that fish and plastic don’t work well together, so obviously the consequences are dire when a fish happens to inhale the plastic straw you littered 5 years ago. For the oceans to function properly and for mankind to be able to enjoy the same delicious treasures from the sea that we have enjoyed since the beginning of time, obviously we need the fish to stay around, and eliminating as much pollution to our water as we can doesn’t seem like a bad way to help ensure aquatic life can flourish for generations to come.

5. All Straws Are Bad For Your Teeth

Through time, excessive straw usage can impact your teeth and jaw in the same way that smoking cigarettes can. Think about…both actions require inhaling/sucking in and clutching your teeth/mouth around the object, which can literally make your teeth move. Don’t you want to keep your smile as nice as possible?

6. Straws Are ALSO Bad For Your Skin

Ever seen someone with the definitive wrinkles around their mouth that are often called “Smoker’s Mouth Wrinkles,” but this person claims that they have never been a smoker? Well, straws are usually the culprit.


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